It’s time I have a place on the internet that’s mine. Or at least the content is driven by me at least.

My name is Shawn Spaventa and I work at Drew University.
Married, two years to my beautiful wife Michelle and we have two dogs.

I’m a video person, I like making them more then shooting them. But it has always been my creative outlet.

I’m very active with my hometown youth baseball league and have been a involved in one way or another for most of my life.

The teams
Baseball- Yankees
Football- Pro- Giants
NCAA- Rutgers
Soccer- Tottenham Hotspurs
Basketball- NBA- None
NCAA- Rutgers

I’m also very interested in Civic Engagement. I’ve spent a good deal of time in New Orleans helping with the rebuild. I have a special connection to that city, my first trip was in 2001 and feel deeper in love with it, after each visit.

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