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Home is where my URL says I am

Just a guy with a computer and some possibly interesting thoughts.

My plan for this space is for me to just post things that interest me. My interests are varied like most folks, so here’s what you’ll most likely see on this page; my points or rants on sports (especially youth sports), my reviews and thoughts on technology of all types and most likely some pop culture thrown in there. I haven’t decided it will all be in the same page or I’ll divide them up.


December 1st
Houston we have a problem

Ratings down, arrests and criminal activity being reported weekly, youth participation is down, the mental health of it’s alumni is concerning, a commissioner who may be too powerful, the concussion issue and really average game play… Is the NFL trending down? I’m going to say yes, but the real question is how can they turn it around? Understanding that the size of the league and the large amount of money at stake, creates making big decisions a difficult one. Here are some questions I think they need to answer first.

  • How can the league spread the game in the youth ranks?
    • The next generation will not have grown up with playing football the way the previous one did, thus not completely connected to the game.
    • How has the youth issue led to the average game play?
  • How can the league spread the game if they can’t increase in youth participation?
    • Is globally the only way?
  • What technology and science is the NFL using to combat the concussion issue?
    • How much money has the NFL put to resolving the issue?
  • How do they promote and create superstars who are under 30?
  • How do they do a better job of taking care of former players?
    • Do they think by taking better care of former players, indirectly admits there is serious health hazard to current players?
  • Can they soften Goodell’s image to the players?
    • Can they remove him from the player discipline?
  • How do they tighten up their product?

I’m not naive enough to think I’ve just helped the NFL, they know all of these problems and many more that I didn’t list. My concern as a fan is, are they acting on any of these? Do they take these as seriously as I am? Football is a special sport and I would hate to see the powers in charge ignore these issues and let this sport fall apart from ignorance and greed.

This blog post was partially spurred on by the recent article in The Ringer. It’s a fantastic article between Bill Simmons and my all-time favorite Malcolm Gladwell. Please read their better discussion then I just put forth here https://theringer.com/bill-simmons-malcolm-gladwell-future-of-the-nfl-b6e14a14124#.dhtftrh3j

Looking for some interesting podcasts?

I got into podcasts about 2 years ago and they’ve been a constant companion for my daily commute ever since.
Here are some suggestions-

Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell
Gladwell looks back at a person, event or idea and reinterpret it.
About the invisible forces that control human behavior.

Season 1 was better than 2, but both are worth the time. A different story each season

Storytelling that weaves science and technology

This American Life
Great storytelling with a common theme each week

Reply All
Tech related but not too techie

99% Invisible
Is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.

Radiolab presents: More Perfect 
Stories about the Supreme Court

Pop Culture Happy Hour
Looks at new TV shows, movies, books and music

Note to Self
Our relationship with technology

My Dad Wrote a Porno
A hilarious podcast about the host, who’s father has written a book called “Belinda Blinked”. He reads a chapter each week with his co-hosts. Rated R


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