Journey from 424

Journey from 424

 The Journey from 424 (1)

Four twenty-four

424 is the area code for Los Angeles. I’ve been to that beautiful part of the country but this is by no means a story about my escape from LA. It’s debatable that a fictional story of me leaving Bel-Air or Beverly Hills might be more interesting but it’s not the story I’m going to tell.

This is a personal story about my weight loss journey. I’m not going to bore you with my life story, I’m going to specifically talk about the last 6+ years and how my age, weight and mindset have changed the way I see a lot of things not just food.


I was tired, tired of being tired. Everything was an issue. Anything that required movement, I was immediately turned off by. I used a past knee injury to hid the fact that I was just too tired. I would rather drive the length of a football field then walk it. At that point socially, I was all alone. All the friends had married and started their own families, there was a lot of time spent alone. It was me and the dog and even the dog was tired of me being tired. So after starting and failing dozens of diets in the past, I went all in. I signed up for WeightWatchers on Week 1 and joined the brand new Planet Fitness on Week 2. The person I wanted to be was inside, I just had to find a way to find him. I started slowly, some circuit training and some recumbent bike at first. Then as the weeks progressed, I would dabble with walking on the treadmill. At first just 10 minutes. Then later to 30. After 6 months I was alternating between an hour on the treadmill, bike or circuit training. All along following my WW plan. And the weight was coming off. I had started at 410 and after a year, I was down about 70lbs. I was incredibly proud. I kept pushing through, even doing some workouts at 5am on days where I wouldn’t have time after work. Workouts increased from 3 to 4 per week. Then on May 23rd everything changed. After a week or so of talking on the phone I had a date with Michelle. I knew very quickly that she was going to be important in my life. We started dating but since we owned homes 45 minutes apart, it was only just on weekends. So the workouts remained part of my routine as did WW. October 2010, I had hit my first major goal. I weighed in at 310, 100lbs gone! It was the weekend we were going to celebrate my friends 40th in AC, so I weighed my self in the morning because I knew we were going to drink and eat like kings all weekend. That was the last time I saw 310.


So October of 2010 I achieved my goal, for the next 10 months I was fluctuating within 10 lbs. Then slowly the workouts stopped, my diligent food tracking via WW slowed as well. My relationship with Michelle was good and maybe I got comfortable. Scratch that, I got comfortable, probably too comfortable. Michelle and I started to add pounds, we enjoyed the time we were spending together. We especially enjoyed cooking together. I was eating more and more